Boost your hobby
Play and profit
Become the best

  • Show your real potential on competitive games.
  • Bet on your skills and get rewarded with every match you win.

How it will work

  • Play the most popular competitive games

    Coming soon: Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike.
    We will keep adding new games as our community keeps growing.
    As of now you can test our platform with a classic game of Chess.

  • Bet on your skills to win

    Choose from 6 different game modes and select how much money you want to bet on yourself. Get ready to compete and give your best to win the prize.

  • Join a balanced team

    Enter the lobby where our advanced AI technology pairs you with players of your same level for a fair match. Genbby learns from your playstyle so that each time you will experience a more accurate pairing.

  • Finish the game and collect your prize

    Your rewards will appear automatically on your account.

  • Check your stats

    Genbby will use this information to make sure that every time you get a more balanced team that is tailored to your own playstyle.

6 Modes to choose

Special features

  • Fair matchmaking

    You don’t have to worry about unbalanced teams anymore. Genbby automatically pairs you with other players based on your level and gaming style. Our AI technology constantly learns from your matches so that each time you will experience a more accurate pairing.

  • Your match progress is always saved

    Genbby saves your progress so that you can finish your matches when you log back in. Your progress is saved for one week. Plus there is no need to program your matches, because Genbby allows free access to play anytime you want.

  • Criptocurrency available

    You can bet and get paid with our new addition of cryptocurrency. This is the best way to make your transactions while avoiding big commission fees. It’s faster, simpler and without the involvement of third parties.