A new way of playing video games

Simple, Automatic, Profitable

Genbby combines the AI technology with an easy to use interface that transforms the way you play games into simple fair matches. You could be a beginner or a pro at gaming, this will not affect your gaming experience since we will strike to make it the most enjoyable for our players. This way you can play anytime at anyplace and not worry about saving your game progress and retaking the game where you left it.

Maximize fun

Different ways to face the challenge

  • lobby


  • duel


  • single


  • party


  • tickets


How it works?

Discover how much you can earn with your passion

Virtual Currency Accessable and convenient

  • orbs


    This currency can be used without the risk of loosing real earnings. This way, you can experiment the full platform by using your current gaming abilities, until you feel ready for the real skill bets.

  • gems


    This type of currency is like using real money in the platform. You can exchange this into your local currency or into our cryptocurrency which is the GGcoins.


  • ggcoin


    This type of cryptocurrency is made with blockchain to facilitate transactions with lower fee and avoid big bank commissions.


Get 50 Orbs for free by inviting your friends to Genbby!

Get orbs for every friend who joins and play on Genbby platform. There is not limits!

What you can do with orbs?

Play to obtain points and go up in the leaderboard to get special rewards on Dota2 and CS:GO

Take your hobby to the limit. Discover Now!

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