• any game

    Play video games from esports to casual games as well independent games too. Connect yourself to a world with no limits. Make games part of your daily hobby.

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    No more limits to your gaming hobby. Now you have an option to start earning with your favorite video games.

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    fair games

    With Genbby you will not have to worry about unfair matches or toxic players. Also this will help players to grow and not just stay in one facet of the game for longer than needed.

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    Using our services permits you to play whenever you want. No more staying waiting for long hours for a match to end, just save your progress and come back it to it later.

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    cash out

    Investing time on your hobby is pretty simple. Now let's move on how to manage your income.Recharging and withdrawing your personal funds is simple with the integrated e-wallet our companies offers.

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Great adventures awaits you

  • Lobby


    Create private rooms or public ones: This way you can invite people you know or just play with random people and maybe make new friends on the way.

  • Duel


    Play with friends and peers and show everyone how skillful you're at the games you like.This way you can earn reputation and income.

  • Single



    You can play at anytime, there will always be a opponent looking for a challenge like you.

  • Party



    Play balanced and healthy matches alone or with friend.

  • Tickets



    You can use tickets whenever you want to continue matches you have not completed or you can just save them for a good occasion.

  • Leaderboard



    There are different levels where you can challenge yourself and even win prizes. Prizes are awarded to the most active players and the top 10 of each league.

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