Market insight

  • $108.9B

    Gaming Market
    Revenue per Year

  • 2.3B


  • $5.2/month

    Gamers spend on

  • 56%

    Annual Growth of the
    game industry


Innovating proposal for all gamers to have the same opportunity to start their hobby at any time, providing intelligent solutions/tools that are constantly adapted to everyday needs. These are competing, learning, training and socializing. It is time to stop toxic communities, while helping players gaming evolution style progress.


We are changing the gaming industry, by setting a fair policy for gamers everywhere. It's time to change the monopolized game society.

Currency Upcoming

The use of pearls and gems in the Genbby ecosystem. With this currency you can bet your gaming skills in the platform or exchange them for local currency and GGcoins.


We have unified AI and Blockchain to design an effective process based the constant need of the gaming industry and gamers.

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